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»Wechsel der Beleuchtung«

In 1985 a reader of the Berliner Zeitung wrote a letter to the editor that read: “If you are walking along the banks of the Spree on the Fischerinsel, in the direction of HOG “Fischerkiez”, you are delighted by the wonderful new houses on the Wallstraße. But then you notice a truly rat’s castle shortly before the bridge, Neue Roßstraße. My question is: why don’t you take this delapidated housing down?”

This letter was one of the starting points of Florian Neufeldts intervention in the historic space of the Wallstraße 85.

These opposing interests – on one hand tearing down and building new and on the other hand the conservation of historically valuable architecture – thematized.

Florian Neufeldt

Florian Neufeldt


* 1976 in Bonn

1999-2005 sociology, philosophy, history at Universität zu Köln and FU Berlin

1997-99 sculpture at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf under Tony Cragg


Solo Shows (selection)

2013        Under the weather, with Alona Rodeh, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

Sich im Unendlichen kreuzende Parallelen, with Matthias Ströckel, seitenlichtsaal, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

2012       Zwischen den Türen, NuN, Berlin

Florian Neufeldt, with Galerie Opdahl at Vienna Fair

Nothing succeeds like success and nothing survives like survival, Ozean, Berlin


Group Shows (selection)

2013     Homecomings, Horse, Berlin