The history of the 4-wing-building starts in the year 1870. The following years mark the emergence of an inimitable piece of construction-art. The facility impresses by its charming details. Four filigree-positioned columns reach from the ancient oak parquet over the wrought-iron handrails before they meld with the lush coffered ceiling.

The identity and function is closely connected to the entrepreneurial family Lademann. They have been living inside the house and also operated their own hardware store on the ground-floor. The countenance of the room rather remembers the visitor of an old ballroom with the architecture resting for decades until the Christmann Group finally revived the building out of its deep slumber.

The former show- and salesroom will be used as the event- and exhibition location BETWEEN YOU AND ME during the restoration to enable intriguing room-experiences to every visitor.

Wallstrasse 85
10179 Berlin
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